With Bootstrap 3.0 soon to be released I have moved the 2.x version of the Bootstrap Illustrator Template over to Layer Vault. You can find the 3.0 release with all it's sexiness and the overhauled Grid here: 'Bootstrap 3 Illustrator Template'

This design template was created to help designers jumpstart their Bootstrap projects. Recently I’ve found myself relying on the many great features of Bootstrap when designing apps and have become growingly frustrated with having to create the default grid in Illustrator & Photoshop from scratch… I was very surprised to see that Bootstrap templates don’t already exist, so I created this one and am sharing it with the world. The grid layout is based on the default 12 column grid released in the 2.0 version of Bootstrap.

Bootstrap Illustrator Template v.0.1.5

This template is free to use for any projects (personal & commercial), all I ask is you don’t take credit for my work or the guys who created Bootstrap.

Please send feedback via Twitter or in the comments below, if you notice any major flaws please let me know…

Get the 2.x Template at LayerVault