With the release of Bootstrap 3 RC1, I have updated the Bootstrap Illustrator Template to this lastest release. This design template was created to help designers jumpstart their Bootstrap projects.

This release features the 12 column based grid to match the major overhaul in version 3.0, namely migrating to a percentage based, mobile first grid. This template contains the major breakpoints present in the Bootstrap 3 example pages from mobile to widescreen desktop.

Also included in this update version are examples of the Basic marketing website layout. You will not find any of the Bootstrap assets such as buttons, alerts, tables, forms, etc... Bootstrap is a Framework to help accelerate your web development project, it doesn't have an identity... you have to build your own ;-)

Bootstrap 3 Illustrator Template v.0.6.5

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This template is free to use for any projects (personal & commercial), all I ask is you follow me on Twitter, send a tweet to get the word out and that you don't take any credit for my work or the guys who created Bootstrap.

I'd like to thank my friend Michael Grills for pushing me to do more and be a better designer, LayerVault for creating a kickass app with support for public projects, @mdo & @fat for creating Bootstrap in the first place... I've saved a TON of hours because of it.