First of all I was SO pumped that the Packers won the Super Bowl… It’d be a travesty if a ‘rapist’ would have won and more than likely have gotten the MVP award.  Anywho, that’s all I have to say about that!

The Super Bowl this year was EPIC!  The Commercials… not so much!  Excluding the Super Bowl during the Tech Bubble where every commercial was a DOT COM, you come to expect some amazingly creative ad spots.  Most of these commercials aren’t going to persway   you to go out and buy an Olsmobile, or Bridstone tires, but at some sub conscious level the great commercials will spur you to consider buying a Pepsi Max instead of a Coke Zero.

However this year, I can honestly say I only remember 3 comercial slots!  THREE! TRES! TRECE! T H R E E E E E E!!!  These are my top (only memorable) ads for Super Bowl XLV

  1. Volkswagen – Darth Vader
  2. Doritos – Licking & Sniffing
  3. Teleflora – Love Note

You can view ALL the ads here: 

The Darth Vader spot is my clear winner, but I’m a HUGE Star Wars Fanboy!  It was clever and somewhat mimic’d real life.  The Doritos was Hilarious and I don’t care who you are at some point you’ve thought about doing that same thing!  I remember the Teleflora add because it was super funny and again mimics real life.  That being said I had to look up which company it was so it wasn’t totally memorable and I doubt I will ever use that service.

I also enjoyed almost every movie preview and even though Transformers 2 was the worst movie EVER… I’m super excited to watch Transformers 3!  Harrison Ford is in Cowboys and Aliens, Who Knew? There is also a movie about a cowboy lizard which actually looks pretty good.

What was your Top 3 Super Bowl Ads?  Did you enjoy the movie spots? Did the Ozzie/Bieber cameos do anything for you? Let me know.