Today I launched a new landing page for a side project I’m working on in my free time (yes I have a little bit of it), a site where you can grab customized themes for Vanilla Forums.  Vanilla Forums is an open source forum software that just kicks ass. I was fortunate to meet one of the Vanilla team members and was blown away with the product.  Vanilla is quickly becoming THE forum of choice and I highly recommend it over any other forum software.


Vanilla Themes is going to be my little home on the web for some Free Customized Vanilla Forum themes, and eventually some premium themes.  I will also be offering to create Fully Custom Themes on a contract basis and I’m hoping to be able to partner with Vanilla to offer hosted solutions.  I’m pretty excited about this side project and hope you are too!

Please head on over to Vanilla Themes and signup to be notified when we launch!