Last year I attended Startup Weekend Denver and worked on a really good idea with some amazing people. We were building a disaster management solution so people could find housing and other items during say a Fire or Earthquake, the project is still up and running with a full-time team ().  Our team won first place over the weekend, however that was the least important thing to come out of SW for me.

If you don’t know about Startup Weekend, basically a bunch of people get together over pizza & beer and pitch their ideas. The overall group votes on the top 10-12 ideas, you break off into teams and 54 hours later you present your startup. () It’s a lot of fun and a great way to network with your local community. I’ve met some awesome people that I’ve kept in touch with since the event and a couple that are now my good friends, I highly recommend attending a Startup Weekend in your area.

This year I’ve decided to pitch an idea. I’m terrified! What if nobody likes my idea? What if nobody likes me for that matter? What if my idea is good, but the others are better or more interesting like a toaster for steaks? Is this the right idea to share with the world?  Should I pitch my other project?


I’m pitching an idea, not trying to solve the US Deficit or get Sarah Palin to move to Delaware.  That would be hilarious BTW! The Sarah Palin show from Delaware!  I can see Russia from my Porch in Delaware! Sorry, I digress…

I believe in my idea, the world needs my idea! Pitching my idea at Startup weekend will bring my idea to the forefront of the attendees minds and force them to realize this is an amazing idea. Without my idea the world will continue to spin on it’s axis, the sun will rise in the east and set in the west and Kim Jong Il will still be trying to get Tap Dance shoes imported into his country. More importantly pitching my idea at Startup Weekend will change somebodies life, it might only be mine or it might be a whole team of folks. Either way pitching my idea will bring about good to this world.

Yah, that’s why I’m pitching at Startup Weekend.